Our story began in 1995, when our founders dreamt up a flavorful concoction inspired by the sun-drenched beaches and laidback vibes of South Beach, Florida. Our first drink, SOBE® Black Tea 3G, was an unheard of blend of Ginseng, Guarana and herbal ingredients. Today we offer a diverse range of SOBE ELIXIR® and Tea products that are defined by exotic flavor combinations, the use of real sugar and stevia, and the inclusion of vitamins. Unapologetically bold and wickedly tasty, SOBE® beverages are refreshing and delight the taste buds with an insane rush of flavor.


Enjoyed on their own or expertly remixed, SOBE ELIXIR® and Tea products aren’t for the faint of heart. Our crazy concoctions cater to all the daredevils and the adventure seekers out there. So go ahead and Ride The Wild!