Our story begins in the distant past with a Spanish conquistador named Ponce de León. The year is 1513 and Ponce is in search of unexplored lands. The ambitious adventurer intends to find gold and expand the Spanish empire, but he’s secretly looking for something else too—the Elixir of Life. This mystical beverage is said to percolate from a hidden spring and grant the drinker eternal youth.

In a month’s time, Ponce and 200 men land on the southeastern coast of America. As a man with a soft spot for beauty, he names the region Florida, in reference to the area’s lush floral vegetation. But, Ponce can’t stop to smell the roses for long; he’s got an Elixir to discover.

The search is slow and arduous, with the crew working their way through the wild underbrush. But, after weeks of searching they come upon something odd. Deep within the forest is temple shaped like lizard’s head. Inscribed above the entrance are the letters S-O-B-E. Ponce is beside himself. “This must be it,” he whispers.

He and a few crewmembers cautiously enter the temple, unsure of what may lie in its dank depths. During their search the party narrowly avoids a barrage of poison darts and they lose the cook while spanning a treacherous spiked pit. Despite these perils, they eventually find what they’ve been searching for.

Deep within the structure is a spacious central chamber. A skylight casts a single beam of light upon a small fountain in the center of the room. Ponce approaches slowly, weary of the next booby-trap he might trigger. With shaking hands, he dips a challis into the fountain and it emerges brimming with the icy liquid. He puts the cup to his lips and takes a generous sip of its contents. “Delicious,” he utters. Turning to the others he announces, “Men, I don’t think this drink has made me immortal, but damn it is refreshing!” And so the SoBe ELIXIR® was discovered.

Of course none of this really happened, but it sure makes for a good story. In actuality, SoBe ELIXIR® and TEA products are delicious concoctions that come in unique combinations of exotic fruit flavors. Every drink is unapologetically bold, sweetened with real sugar and stevia, and contains vitamins. To be honest, drinking a SoBe ELIXIR® won’t let you live forever, but we promise they’re still wickedly tasty!